About Us


Derwydd is a busy, progressive and eco-friendly farm run by Llyr, his wife Emma, a vet, and their 3 young children; Dwynwen, William and Gruff. 

Originally a traditional sheep and beef hill farm it has grown and diversified over the years. Over 1200 sheep still graze the mountains around the farm, in addition to 100 cattle and a large free-range egg unit. An oil pressing plant produces Blodyn Aur rapeseed oil which is used as cooking oil, in mayonnaise and a range of salad dressings. It is sold in supermarkets, farm shops and delis across Wales and in our honesty box!

A wide range of renewable energy projects at Derwydd mean all our electricity is green.  The hydroelectric plant uses water from our stream to produce enough energy to run 26 homes for a year, a ground source heat pump heats our egg unit keeping the hens warm, air source pumps heat the farmhouse and holiday cottage and solar panels also produce electricity exported to the grid. 

As farmers we work with the environment but it is vital that we also protect the environment and local wildlife.  Our many conservation projects include:

  • Over 2 miles of streamside corridors fenced to stop livestock grazing the areas. This provides a safe habitat for wildlife to move around and stops soil pollution of the water, keeping water quality high.
  • We grow 30 acres of corn that we leave fallow over the winter, birds then pick and eat the left over corn.                                                                                               
  • Over the years we have planted 1000’s of trees and have small ancient oak woodland.
  • 25 acres of hay meadow that is only cut in July to help native flowers to germinate, it is also great for bees and insects.
  • We part own another 1000 acre mountain where we manage the heather, this makes it one of the best places in Wales to see the very rare black grouse.